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For most people, purchasing a home is the greatest investment they will ever make. It should be made wisely and with the assistance of an attorney. Title to real property is not a document such as a certificate of title to an automobile, but is an ownership right. Examination of title is an extensive review of the public records and requires a thorough knowledge of many areas of the law. Ron performs full 60-year title searches to be certain that Buyers receive fee simple, marketable titles. Ron will also review surveys, contracts, and loan documents, as well as coordinate with all parties to collect information necessary for closing.

For more information about buying a home, please read our brochure Buying a Home.

*To protect yourself, you should never sign documents pertaining to your property interests or rights without having them prepared or reviewed by an attorney. This includes contracts, easements, deeds, deeds of trust, and estate planning documents. Signing loan documents without an attorney may obligate you to a high cost loan; fail to adequately pay off, close and cancel outstanding loans; or create title defects which are very costly to correct.*Better Business Bureau Accredited